Liking your life is a big deal.  I tend to like mine.  Even though I’m not always sure what is going on, and certain that my life’s path is different from what I expected – or perhaps would have even ordered – I like my life. (more…)

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Which is Better: Contact Lenses or Glasses?

You just found out that you need corrective lenses, and now you’re asking which is a better choice, contact lens or glasses? It really depends on the person who is wearing them, some people prefer contact lenses and others prefer glasses. There are a few things to keep in mind when making the decision on whether you should choose to wear contact lenses or glasses, so here are some pros and cons of both. (more…)

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5 Ways To Be Happier In Your Life

Most of us are raised thinking that the only ways to be happier are getting the right car, the right home, made more money or if we found the perfect relationship. If you’ve been around long enough, you would know that getting those things doesn’t guarantee happiness. Waiting for something outside of us to make us happyis actually going to keep us unhappy, because until you become happy on the inside, you can never be happy with anything in your external world. (more…)

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Effectiveness of VariDerm – My Review

VariDerm: A Cause to end VaricoseVaricose veins

Varicose veins run in our blood. My mother has it, my grandmother has it and even my aunts have these unsightly veins on their legs. I was actually prepared that sooner or later, I would have those ugly veins on my legs too.


Caused Varicose

When I got pregnant in 2009, my doctor told me that my pregnancy is quite unstable. She advised me to have complete bed rest to avoid the chances of losing the baby. I had to quit my job then and for seven months, I did nothing but watch TV, eat and sleep. I gained 30lbs on my fifth month of pregnancy. Another 20lbs was added on my eight month. I knew I was really overweight that time. And then on my ninth month, the doctor advised me to walk around every morning. I really had a hard time walking because I was so heavy. My legs could barely keep me walking for 30 minutes. When finally the baby was delivered safe and healthy, I almost forgot my overweight body. I focused myself on taking care of my first born, carrying her around, strolling with her in the park. During the first six months of my baby girl, I had to stand most of the time because she cries whenever I put her down. And despite the tedious job of being a mother, my body still kept on getting bigger and heavier. When my little girl turned two years old (I was 24 years old then), I noticed that my leg veins were becoming unusually larger and tortuous, similar to my mom’s and my grandma’s. Because of these unattractive veins, I ceased wearing shorts and skirts especially when going out.


spiderTangled Spiderwebs of Pain

I started worrying about those veins when my legs hurt whenever I stand or walk for a long time. My muscle cramps became more frequent especially when I suddenly stand up. To alleviate the discomfort on my legs, I started exercising every day and wearing compression stockings. The veins did not improve after two months so I sought for a consultation.


Veins in Vain

The doctor told me that those are varicose veins and not only are the veins affected but even the skin around it. True enough, the doctor told me that my skin is becoming dry and reddish and soon it will become itchy because of the waste products building up in my leg. According to him, the most recommended treatment for that is surgery. I always have second thoughts about surgery because I know there will be complications plus the fact that it costs a huge amount of money. So I decided to take the next alternative which is called sclerotherapy management wherein medicines are being injected inside my veins. This procedure is also expensive but less compared to surgery. After three sessions of sclerotherapy, the symptoms subsided a little. The pain was no longer that frequent.


bottlesVariDerm: The Surprisingly Small cost to rid of Varicose

When I talked to my mom about it, she said her varicose veins were already gone, thanks to some capsules that she was taking in. I did not believe her at first but when she showed me her flawless legs, with no signs of spider veins at all, I was amazed! And then she gave me one bottle of VariDerm. She said I should take six capsules a day and so I did. Before my capsules run out, I already noticed that the swelling of my veins were dramatically reduced. Even the skin is getting better. I bought my second and third bottle for $59.99 each, which is a lot cheaper than sclerotherapy. After the three bottles, my legs were starting to feel and look better than normal. Thanks to VariDerm.

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